Британский бульдог 2019-2020 (задания и ответы)

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Задания и ответы олимпиады «Британский бульдог» 2019-2020 для 3-4 класса

1)How many magazines does Frank have? Ответ: С
2)Which magazine is for his brother? Ответ: B
3) Which magazine did Frank buy for himself? Ответ: С
4) Where did he buy the magazines? Ответ: A
5) What is Frank interested in? Ответ: C
6) What is the girl interested in? Ответ: A
11)When did James sell his pictures? Last … . Ответ: A
12)How old is James?Ответ: A
13)When did James begin painting? A … ago. Ответ: C
14)What did James paint in his first picture? Ответ: A
15) What does James like to paint these days? Ответ: D
16)How did James begin to draw? He was … . Ответ: С
17) Whose hobby is painting? His … . Ответ: B
21) Laura’s family usually … in a hotel in the mountains. Ответ: B
22)The hotel is situated near a small … with sailing boats on it.Ответ: B
23)Lauras father is happy because people working at the hotel are very …Ответ: D
24)They often go fishing and Laura likes to … fish. Ответ: B
25) Laura wants to … to the top of the highest mountain there.Ответ: B

Остальные вопросы появятся после их публикации на сайте организатора!

Задания и ответы олимпиады «Британский бульдог» 2019-2020 для 5-6 класса

1) What is the matter with Julia? She’s … . Ответ: B
2) What did Julia ask Ralph about? Ответ: B
3)What project do they have to prepare? A … project. Ответ: C
4) How many pages does the teacher want to see in the project? Ответ: D
5) What is Ralph going to take with him? Ответ: D
6)What does the boy ask Julia to do? To … . Ответ: D
7)Is it necessary to take out any library books? Ответ: C
8)When is Sports Day? On … .Ответ: B
9) When is Ralph going to see Julia? At.Ответ: B
10) When is Ralph supposed to be at home finally? Ответ: C
11) What kind of sport does Colin do? Ответ: D
12) When did Colin learn to swim? When he was … .Ответ: B
13) When did he become the champion of his school? At the age of … . Ответ: C
31) She was moved to tears by the beauty of the sculpture. Ответ: C
32)You never know what he is thinking.Ответ: B
33)She has both feet on the ground and is down-toearth. Ответ: B
51) It is the symbol of England. Ответ: A
52) Robin Hood hunted these animals in Sherwood Forest. Ответ: A
53)This plant saved the Scots from invasion. Ответ: B
54) People can’t imagine the Tower of London without these birds. Ответ: B
55)This is the traditional food at Christmas in Great Britain. Ответ: D
56)This vegetable is used to make a jack-o’-lantern.Ответ: B

Задания и ответы олимпиады «Британский бульдог» 2019-2020 для 8-9 класса

1)Where is the new cinema situated? Ответ: C
2) What was in that location before? Ответ: D
3) What day did the cinema open on? Ответ: D
4) When did John go to the cinema? Ответ: D
5)Who did John go to the cinema with? Ответ:B
6)What film did John see? Ответ:B
7)Which film was boring in John’s opinion? Ответ: C
8)How much did John’s cinema ticket cost? Ответ:C
9) Why did the ticket have a special price? Because it was Ответ: D
10) What did the boy like about the new cinema? Ответ: B
Read the text and choose the correct answer
11)Why did the family decide to move to another town? Because Ответ: B
12) Where was the town the family moved to situated? Near the … Ответ:B
13) Whose dream was it to live in such a place? The girl’s … Ответ:B
14) How did the family get to their new house? Ответ:C
Choose the correct tense
21) Hurry! The bus … . Ответ:С
22)The phone rang while I … a shower.Ответ:D
23) My granny … her 80th birthday recently. Ответ: C
24) Maria … English for two years. Ответ: D
25)Now it’s 10:11. The train to London … at 10:15. Ответ:B
Find the words to match the definitions
31)She seems to enjoy finding fault with others. Ответ: A
32)There she is, over there, on her own in the corner. Ответ: D
33)He says what I want to hear, not what he thinks. Ответ: C

Задания и ответы олимпиады «Британский бульдог» 2019-2020 для 9-11 класса

1) What material does Richard use for his sculptures? Ответ: B
2) What does Richard do before he starts an ice sculpture? Ответ: C
3) What does Richard find hardest about making ice sculptures? Ответ: C
4) Where does he usually work? Ответ: C
21) He can’t stand … for other people. Ответ: C
22) There is no point … the problem any longer. Ответ: A
23)She suggested … to the museum. Ответ: B
24) I forgot … off the light when I left the house. Ответ: A
25)Do you mind … me a hand? Ответ:D
31) He thinks he’s superior to everyone. Ответ: D
32)He thinks the whole world revolves around him. Ответ: D
33) He never does all the things he says he’ll do. Ответ: D
34)She won’t let anyone stand in her way. Ответ: D
35)He has no principles about hurting other people. Ответ: D
36)She’ll tell you if she doesn’t like your after-shave. Ответ: A
41) If a plane doesn’t arrive on time it’s written as. Ответ:C
42)To read information about flights you can look at the … Ответ: D
43) To go onto a plane means to … it. Ответ: C
44) The place where you get your suitcases after arrival is Ответ: D
51) The statue of a woman stands on … Island. Ответ: C
52) This usually brings visitors to the island. Ответ: C
53)A big city near the statue. Ответ: B
54)The country that gave the statue as a gift. Ответ: B
55)The seven rays of the diadem represent … Ответ: B

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